Your child's first years are crucial in their development. Children's Learning Place understands the importance of your child's development and focuses on key elements that help your child establish a strong foundation in their future development. These elements include: Motor Skills, Cognitive Skills, Social/Self Skills, and Language skills.

Below are our "Program Goals" for children cared for at Children's Learning Place:

Up to 3 months of age
Up to 6 months of age
Up to 12 months of age
About 18 months of age
About 2 years of age
About 3 years of age
About 4 years of age
About 5 years of age
About 6 years of age

Downtown Children's Learning Place & Children's Learning Place are licensed child care facilities offering children ages 6 weeks to 6 years a well rounded educational experience. We begin with age appropriate environments that encourage children to learn, play and explore.

We focus on the growth of the mind, spirit and body via music, art, show and tell, circle time, science projects, math, reading, field trips, exercise, dance, tumbling and gymnastics, swimming, pageants, holiday parties, and annual events. Raising your child can be difficult, finding the best care for your child doesn't have to be.

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