Safe & Secure: Downtown

 Children's Learning Place has an automated electronic security system called Pro-Care Security. Pro-Care gives parents and staff an additional level of security. It is so comprehensive and advanced that through the use of a personalized pin activated touch pad, Children's Learning Place administrative staff can:

  • Check teacher to student ratios any time of the day
  • Verify the location of a student anytime
  • Track critical medical information of a child or a teacher
  • View exact time in/time out of both staff and student
  • Print a summary invoice for each family
  • Verify which authorized person dropped off or picked up of each child
  • Track each employee in the building and the exact time of arrival and departure

 Pro-Care starts at the entrance to our center. Only enrolled parents and staff have access with the use of an individually programmed pin code. Each pin code registers the particular individual entering the center. Only Active Parents and Staff are permitted access. Parents and staff are then required to sign in and out via computer system located at the reception desk. This application registers attendance and other essential information such as which child has entered or left the building and with whom, how many children are in the building and where in the building they are located. For additional security, only individuals designated by parents are authorized access to pick-up a child. Pro-Care gives parents and administration an effortless method for providing superior security for each child.

Downtown Children's Learning Place & Children's Learning Place are licensed child care facilities offering children ages 6 weeks to 6 years a well rounded educational experience. We begin with age appropriate environments that encourage children to learn, play and explore.

We focus on the growth of the mind, spirit and body via music, art, show and tell, circle time, science projects, math, reading, field trips, exercise, dance, tumbling and gymnastics, swimming, pageants, holiday parties, and annual events. Raising your child can be difficult, finding the best care for your child doesn't have to be.

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