footprintsI cannot recommend Children’s Learning Place enough.  There is not a better place to leave your child in the city.  I started at CLP when Katelyn was 4 months and felt from the start she was well cared for and enjoyed going there.  Miss Rachael and the rest of the staff in the infant room took care, such good care of her.  They helped her grow and develop. When I came to pick her up, she was always happy.  I was also impressed with how clean the center was and the amount of toys and activities they did with the children.  It was always nice to participate in some of the extra things they did like swim lessons, parents night out. Overall, I always felt that CLP, went above and beyond what any other daycare has to offer.  I also feel that everyone on the staff is someone I can trust my daughter with daily.
Lisa Jones

I was so impressed and astounded by the thought, effort, time, thoroughness and excellent observations made by Children's Learning Place and William's teachers.  It was so helpful to have such a comprehensive, well directed, and conscientious report for my son as he will be moving on to the next step in his development and education guidance.  Thank you for all of your knowledge, creativity, and attentive observations and planning in your teachings.  This truly is a gift you have in this area of teaching.  This Center is truly fortunate to have such a caring, thoughtful, giving teacher team as this one.  I greatly appreciate all of your openness and willingness to find areas for parent participation and help in the classroom.  Your ability to find the time to discuss and be aware of my concerns for my son as well as respectfulness reinforcing what we do at home throughout the day is also appreciated.  I also appreciated appreciated greatly the reinforcement suggestions to continue at home on the lesson for the week.  The printing of the schedules and overall preparedness for each week’s activity and lesson was amazing.  Your ability to adapt your lesson to the day however it turned out or “go with the flow” so to speak and move on in a positive direction was truly a gift for William.  With my son being such a desiring and good helper, your integration of providing ways for everyone to contribute to the classroom through your duty chart (weather person, calendar person…etc.) really instilled pride for the classroom.  Your upbeat, kind, courageous, loving attitude was definitely transferred to the children and taken home with open arms.  We will greatly miss you both.  Thank you for the wonderful, inspirational, and safe guided learning environment for my son and for sharing your gifts and tools that adds to his foundational learning and recall for future happenings in his life.
The Carroll Family

We are very happy with our choice to come to Children's Learning Place.  CLP provides the curriculum and routine that they promise.  You can walk in at any point in the day and the children are right on schedule!  Our son is well loved by all of the providers, even the ones outside of his classroom.
Kristin Burda

Hudson has absolutely thrived in the nurturing and educational environment at CLP. We wouldn't think of having our son anywhere else!
Taylor Klepsch

This is a letter of referral on behalf of CLP.  Our family has grown so attached to the staff and warm environment at CLP that our recent move to Maryland was bittersweet.  While it was a great move for our family on many levels, the single hardest part of our move has been finding a child care facility that is (even remotely) as wonderful as CLP.

When deciding to enroll Helen into a daycare, I combed Chicago, visiting every daycare recommended to me via several resources.  I asked all the questions a nervous parent is supposed to ask the staff of a prospective daycare.  All of them left me with the impression that they operate their child care facilities with the impersonal feel familiar to a corporate atmosphere.

I remembered Alicia and my impression of CLP.  After calling her and visiting CLP, I felt I had finally found the right place for Helen.  Parents can have all the due diligence in the world but you still have to feel it’s the right place for your child in your gut.  Alicia even came to our house to meet Helen in her own surroundings and field all the questions we had about what Helen’s day would be like, how long her teachers have been with her, etc.

Over the course of two years Helen attended CLP she met and fell in love with several teachers, learned to sing and dance, swim, play, share, follow directions, sit at a table and use a fork and knife, be kind, develop a love of books and forge genuine friendships with many of her classmates (I didn’t realize that 18-month olds could make friends… but they can).  Eventually our second daughter, Lucy, attended CLP and I knew she was in good hands.

The staff made themselves readily available for questions, inviting me to sit and observe (or participate) in activities.  They were consistently kind, intelligent, thoughtful and helpful.  Several staff members even babysat Helen and Lucy over the course of our time there.  There was even a sense of community among the teachers and parents that I have not founds elsewhere.  But mostly, they just seemed devoted to my kids and my gratitude is overwhelming.
Tom & Beth Karn

Steve and I want to thank you and your staff for all the love and care that Jonah received during his time at CLP.  We have watched Jonah thrive in your care. Ms. Rachel is a tremendous asset and loves each baby that comes through her room.  We felt so comfortable leaving Jonah in her care as he always smiled when we brought him into her room.  All the teachers in the infant room are fabulous and spend quality time with the children, reading, talking, playing and singing.  We never worried about Jonah because we knew that he was in great hands.

Due to our impending move, we have to say goodbye to CLP. Steve and I are so sad about taking Jonah out of your care.  We know that he thrived in your infant room and will miss his teachers and little friends.  We truly believe there is no better daycare than CLP.  Any family that finds you and your staff cannot go wrong.  Thanks for everything,
Steve and Emily Zivin

I am so glad we put Logan at CLP.  I was a bit worried at first given he had never been in a daycare environment.  I thought he might not get the attention he was use to getting from our in-home care provider.  After looking at several facilities we felt a difference at CLP when we visited the facility and met some of the staff.

It took a couple of weeks, but we quickly realized we had made the right decision to put Logan in the program at CLP.  The first week was definitely tough. Logan had to adjust to the drop off each morning and it was really hard on me to leave him crying.  But within two weeks he adjusted and was doing great.  He seemed to not only adjust but to have blossomed.  You could tell he was happy.  He seemed to be a new kid within just a few weeks.  He was more outgoing and just all around happier.  I always thought he was smart and happy, but the change was very noticeable.  Logan talks about his teachers and his "kids" from CLP all the time.  You can see he is learning and really enjoying his days.  He especially loves story time and the arts & crafts.  He often tells me the stories that he heard at school.  I couldn't be happier with Downtown Children's Learning Place.

The teachers and staff were very helpful when Logan was adjusting to being at CLP.  They made it as easy on me as they could and I think really helped Logan adjust as well.  You can tell they care and are genuinely interested in getting to know the children they care for and their families.  I honestly am surprised at how happy I am with having Logan in daycare.  I wish I would have considered this option earlier.
Kevin and Tammy O'Donnell

When I first decided to become pregnant, I called CLP to discuss my options.  My friend had her child there and couldn't say enough wonderful things about them.  Months later, I was pregnant and called to hopefully get a spot in the day care.  Alicia, the owner of CLP, remembered me from several months before and already had me on the wait list.  It was so nice to not have to worry about where my son would go while I was at work.  It is a hard decision to put your new baby in the care of strangers.  I would have to say from the very first day CLP never felt like strangers.  The center has a homelike feel and the care is very family like.

CLP was the best decision we made for our son's care.  CLP is a comfortable and safe environment which puts the needs of the children first.  Each teacher at every age level is warm and welcoming.

Not only is my son learning in leaps and bounds, he is getting tons of love and attention.  If I am unable to care for my son during the day, because of work, I feel more then confident that CLP's staff can do it!  I couldn't ask for more.
Linda Sassone

Children's Learning Place is an Early Learning Academy focused on offering your child a well-rounded educational experience. Your child's education is based on their interests and abilities. Our program is designed to recognize and respond to the specific needs of your child and their individual pace. Our teachers nurture our students from Infant to Toddler through Preschooler and on to Kindergarten.

Children's Learning Place is dedicated to providing your child a stimulating academic environment including activities that focus on physical and social development. Age appropriate classrooms, which encourage children to learn, play and explore in a happy, relaxed environment prepares each student on their educational path.

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